Erin Wildman

Principal Consultant

Erin is a strategy, marketing, and operations consultant with over 10 years experience driving value through strategic initiatives, digital transformation, and process optimization in both private and nonprofit companies.

She has directly designed, managed, and monitored change across core initiatives in marketing and marketing operations (i.e., the technical side of marketing), strategic planning, process design, automation, and optimization, and product management to create collaborative, resilient, and systems focused organizations. Her strengths include being able to speak between technical and non-technical stakeholders to gain clarity and alignment for all collaborators, designing equitable decision structures, and facilitating organizational change at all levels from executive to front line.

"Rules before tools. It is essential to understand the why and the what before you construct the how, the where, and the with whom to drive value across the entire organization in a meaningful way."

- Erin

Education & Certifications

Erin holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business with upper levels in Information Systems and Marketing, as well as being Six Sigma and Pragmatic Marketing Level II Certified.

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